N3AS Faculty

The reimbursable expenses are limited to travel (airfare, taxis) and hotel costs. Meals and other incidental expenses will not be reimbursed.  Total reimbursements are limited as follows:

–  N3AS faculty residing in California: $800

–  N3AS faculty residing in other western states (WA, NM, etc): $900

–  Others: $1200


The reimbursable expenses are travel, hotel costs, and meal costs (exclusive of alcohol, limited by federal per diem rates)

Claim Reimbursement

Claims are to be submitted to Wick Haxton, UC Berkeley, using the directions provided here.

1. Please complete the fillable pdf form attached here. Domestic-Travel-Form-Fillable

2. Attach pdfs of receipts (airfare, taxis, or other ground transportation, and hotel ): postdocs claiming meal expenses do not need to provide meal receipts.

3. If you are not a UC Berkeley employ, please complete the attached vendor form, and include that in your pdf. UCB_Sub_W-9

4. Email or mail to:


Mail:  Department of Physics


     University of California

     Berkeley, CA 94107


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